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Guided tours


Discover Medieval and Modern Jewish life in Spain

Enjoy the most interesting and important sites in each city and destination

Explore a trail full of incredible stories, amazing experiences and surprising proposals amazing to remember for a lifetime 

 "Old Castilla"

Toledo - The Jerusalem of the West
Madrid - The Secrets of the Jewish Madrid
Segovia - A Unique Jewish Quarter


The land of castles, legendes, knights and princesses.

Located in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula, "Old Castilla", offers destinations full of magic and mystery.  Being the strong beating heart of the Peninsula, the Spanish route offers visits to Toledo, Madrid, Segovia, among others.



Barcelona - The City of Nahmanides
Girona - The Golden Age of the Kabbalah
Besalú - Discover the Medieval Mikve

During the Middle Ages it was known as the Kingdom of Aragon. Their noble reign still remains in their identity. Elegant and a little rebellious, Catalonia is full of beauty, history, architecture, and design. Through these lands, once walked the likes of wise man such as Nachmanides, Abraham Abulafia and Solomon Ben Adret. They left wisdom and mysticism as their legacy. We invite you to re discover it.


Córdoba- Discover the Land of Rambam
Sevilla - The legacy of the Levy´s  
Granada - Beauty and poetry

Andalusia is a mix of all "people of the book":  Jewish, Muslim and Christian. The sun (almost African) illuminates its streets, squares and fountains. Located in the southern part of the peninsula, its just a stone´s trow a way from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In every corner there is a historical trace of  its identity. Flamenco mixed with Moorish architecture, churches that were once synagogues, the liturgical chants of those Andalusian Jews who lived in this beautiful land.

Other Locations

Customized Tourist Routes

Travel plans and proposals for individuals, families, organizations, students and groups. 

We at Sefarad Experience wish to provide you a unique Jewish experience in Spain, and we will do everything in our power to help you plan the trip of your dreams being careful to pay attention to your needs and wants down to the last detail. 


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