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Our business is our passion. Our Sephardic past connects us to Spain and so we have a story to tell. Learn more about us in the reports that the press has published about our director, Alejandra Abulafia.



The return of the Sephardic Jews to Spain


Toledo, sometimes called the "Jerusalem of the West" recalls a dark page in the history of Spain.

Jews lived in the Iberian Peninsula, in the call Sefarad for centuries until 1492, when the Catholic Monarchs ordered his expulsion.  It was the beginning of a diaspora that stretched from the Ottoman Empire to the New World.

Today, the Spanish government intends to put an end to what he calls a "historical error"; and it has approved a bill to facilitate the naturalization of descendants of Sephardic Jews, who may have dual citizenship and a passport that would open the doors of Europe to them.

Alejandra Abulafia, Uruguayan journalist, the Spanish nationality as the key to a return to Sefarad.

"The Spanish passport means a return to the lost homeland. It is the symbol of a key. I do not think all Sephardic world come to come to live in Spain, simply they go to apply for citizenship and stay in their countries. There is no interest in coming to Spain and live here for most of them. But to return them to the door of his house. They have the key, which is the symbol of nostalgia and Spain is the door ".



RTVE - Radio Televisión Española 

"The return to Sefarad" 

In this report Alejandra Abulafia, director of Sefarad Experience and Destino Sefarad, visited  with us the streets of Toledo, where he arrived from Uruguay in search of traces of their ancestors.
Confesses he does not know anyone that preserves the original keys of the houses, but joked with the idea that the current Museo del Greco house the home of Samuel Levi Abulafia, the Royal Treasurer of Pedro I the Cruel. For her, getting citizenship, would close a circle.

 La Razón  

"It's time to start a business


Only few years ago that Alejandra arrived in Spain looking to connect with his roots. Coming from a Sephardic family, the intrepid journalist founded Sefarad Experience and Destino Sefarad, an association that spreads the Jewish legacy. Alejandra Abulafia runs this project, based on cultural tours of Jewish neighborhoods in Spain. Through its website, Alejandra controls the company, filled with customers of many nationalities. They consider it a "dream" to live their culture and their roots, considering the difficulty merely now supposed to work.


"Sefardíes: With Spain in the heart" 


Durme, durme / mi alma donzella / durme, durme / sin ansia y dolor...»"A woman born in Turkey sang this lullaby to her granddaughter in Uruguay. And he spoke wistfully of Sefarad ('Spain' in Hebrew). a land that never trod.

"My grandmother spoke Judeo-Spanish or Ladino, the medieval Castilian still alive among the Sephardim, descendants of Jews expelled in 1492," explains Alejandra Abulafia to me as we walk through Toledo. His grandmother (Turkish) inoculated her nostalgia for a lost homeland more than five centuries ago. Alejandra is Uruguayan and Jewish, but also feel Spanish as a child. "My father always told us that we were descendants of Abraham Abulafia, a Spanish Kabbalist of the thirteenth century. We talked so much about him that was like our uncle "she recalls.  (Radio on line)


Radio Sefarad is a project of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain. On it Alejandra Abulafia has a radio program that broadcasts Sephardic Jews destinations

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